Money Talk is a personal finance website from journalist and editor Qin Xie, offering a mixture of news, feature and analysis.

It started out as a reader-funded newsletter on Substack, which has morphed into a searchable resource that you can come back to again and again.

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Why is this website different?

This website is all about looking past the headlines to find the things that will actually affect you.

There’s analysis on just who are the winners and losers of the mini budget, for example, or what negative interest rates might mean in the short and long term.

Because I’m not fighting for clicks, I can give balanced analyses on things that really matter to you. It’s not bland money news – it’s clear and actionable tips and recommendations to help you manage your money better.

It’s not personal finance advice though – for that you’ll have to go to a qualified professional who can tailor the information to you.

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