What to read right now…

Good news: The odds of winning £50,000 or £100,000 on Premium Bonds has greatly improved in the last year.

And it seems that if you can harness the power of ChatGPT, you can easily make millions. Not entirely ethically, perhaps.

Just as well given that food prices are up, up, up

On the flipside, the problem with trying to tax the super rich more is that, well, they have options – as Norway has seen.

Meanwhile, more people working from home has some surprising(?) cost implications for insurance providers.

The deal that’s a steal…

In the market for a new barbecue? BrandAlley are currently selling the Weber Q 2000 gas BBQ with stand* for £299.

It’s basically Weber’s portable barbecue that can also easily be your main one thanks to the removable stand.

Weber* are actually currently selling it for £483 so you’re saving close to £200 in this deal.

Must say, I’m not a huge fan of gas barbecues – I think you don’t get as much flavour out of it – but it is handy if you just want to cook something quick and hot.

And an actual freebie…

TSB are currently giving away free coffees.

You just have to get a quote for building/contents insurance with the bank and they’ll send you a free £5 gift card for Costa Coffee.

You’re under no obligation to take out the insurance either.

To get the offer, you have to request a quote by 9 May 2023, and you can only do it once per household.

If you only do one thing…

Sign up for an airline loyalty scheme – even if you don’t do a huge amount of flying.

I managed to level up to the Silver tier of British Airways’ executive club* last year thanks to a couple of long haul flights, and I can honestly say that I’ve been reaping the benefits since even though I haven’t done nearly as many trips this year.

Before my trip to the US for example, I took advantage of free lounge access even though I was flying in economy.

I could also choose my seats ahead of time, including some extra legroom ones for free.

You’ll need to complete a sizable chunk of flights to gain frequent flyer status, but you don’t actually have to do that many trips to start enjoying perks.

On Virgin Atlantic* for example, I don’t get the same perks because I don’t have high enough status.

However, the points I collected from one return flight to Barbados in Premium was enough to buy return flights to the US in the airline’s recent reward flights sale.

Plus, both BA and Virgin will let you collect points in other ways, whether that’s your grocery shop or rides with Uber, which means you can rack up points surprisingly quickly to get discounts on your holiday flights.