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What to read right now…

People are just not that into smart meters according to a new report. 

My personal experience with getting one installed was less than ideal, but it seems that there’s more pain on the horizon for the early adopters.

Have you heard about gazundering? It’s basically when a home buyer lowers their offer just before the exchange to get a better deal – and apparently it’s on the up as the property market slows.

Meanwhile, salaries are going up more than inflation – but alas, when you dig into the numbers things aren’t exactly rosy for everyone.

Speaking of which, if your starting salary is £28,000 then you’re unlikely to ever pay off your student loan. Except you might still be able to if you get a massive pay rise. I know, it’s almost like this report said nothing.

The deal that’s a steal…

Get ready for Christmas – Homebase* is currently having a sale with up to 60% off lighting.

I’m making the Christmas connection because lots of fairy light style options that you might reasonably wrap around a tree are heavily discounted right now.

Like this solar-powered multi-coloured rope light*, designed for outdoor use, which now costs £6 instead of £18.

Or this wire light* – again, solar-powered and suitable for outdoor use – which is now £3.60 instead of £8 and comes in two different colours.

And an actual freebie…

Nuffield Health are giving away free family passes to their gyms.

The passes are valid for 10 days, and are only available until October 29. 

It’s basically an opportunity to try out their facilities for free, although you won’t be able to participate in any of the group classes.

You have to have a minimum of two adults to get the offer, and up to two children are covered too.

If you only do one thing…

Check your TopCashback* account – assuming you have one of course, and you totally should.

TopCashback have announced that they’re ending their partnership with British Airways’ Executive Club on 15 December.

Up to now, cashback with some retailers can only be paid out via Avios points. It means that once this partnership ends, you won’t be able to cash out those Avios-only cashback credits.

Some retailers are already agreeing to change their payouts but if you have a balance on your account, why not cash out now while you can?