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What to read right now…

Quite a lot has happened in the world of money in the last two weeks so in case you haven’t had the chance to catch up, here are the highlights from the spring Budget.

At the same time, UK inflation remains high – and well above its counterparts in the G7.

Unite the union thinks those high prices are more to do with greedflation than inflation.

Which makes this story on the poor interest rates some banks are offering (even though Bank of England’s Bank Rate has gone up) rather timely – as is the reminder to check whether your money is in the best savings account.

Meanwhile, the energy price cap is changing again in April, but how it affects you is a bit complicated.

The deal that’s a steal…

English Heritage* is currently offering 15% off their annual membership, which starts from £53 per person.

It gives you access to over 400 historic places around England, plus free parking and entry into events in some cases.

Each adult member can also bring up to six children for free.

Just follow the link and enter the code EHAFF2023 at the checkout to get the discount – it only applies to annual direct debits rather than monthly ones so make sure you select the right option.

A deal I got recently…

A few weeks ago I signed up to Revolut* because I needed the use of a US currency account.

Because I didn’t start using it straight away, Revolut sent me a special offer – if I make a deposit within a few days I’d get a £5 bonus. No catch.

So I duly deposited £1 and got the bonus just seconds later. Both of these are now firmly in my usual bank account. 

Oh, and there’s cashback if you sign up through TopCashback* or Quidco* so nothing to lose really.

I still haven’t started using my Revolut account though.

If you only do one thing…

Link your Uber and British Airways Executive Club accounts.

The two companies partnered up to offer Avios points on Uber journeys* last year. 

You’ll get one Avios point for every £1 spent, which is not a lot if you want to spend it.

However, it’s worth bearing in mind that you can now use your Avios points to book BA flights and holidays, and their reward saver flights do actually offer a saving.

You can also book coach trips with National Express and Megabus, and rail tickets with National Rail, so you could potentially rack up those points quite quickly.