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What to read right now…

The headline is a bit misleading – because the actual salary bracket is quite wide here – but apparently even those earning up to £60,000 a year don’t have financial security.

Which makes it a good time to reshare this piece on building up your financial resilience.

TUC thinks the majority of those on a zero hours contract are trapped there.

UK workers should expect a smaller pay increase in 2024 as the labour market starts to swing back into employers’ favour.

And finally, the government has released a list of all the companies that have failed to pay minimum wage.

The deal that’s a steal…

Love gin? The Craft Gin Club* are currently offering 30% off your first subscription box with them.

Each month the boxes contain a full-size bottle of gin, plus tonics, snacks and other bits all around a particular theme.

Membership starts from £45 a month so you’ll pay £31.50 for that first box.

You can pause or cancel anytime.

If you only do one thing…

Read this guide on what to do if you’ve fallen victim to a scam.

A new report has revealed that money lost to fraud in the UK was £2.3billion in 2023

Researchers only looked at cases where at least £50,000 was lost, and was reported, which means the real figure will likely be even higher.

Of course, this also includes things like tax fraud and corruption, but scams have seen a significant increase as well.