What to read right now…

It’s the new tax year and of course there are some big changes that could affect your finances.

Meanwhile, changes in the way electricity is billed from 2025 could mean cheaper bills for smart meter users.

Although you may want to read this piece on how to tell if your smart meter is faulty first.

Minimum wage has helped the lowest paid workers to become £6,000 richer a year, says the Resolution Foundation.

And finally, one to listen to: a fascinating interview with Heather McGregor, who you may know as Mrs Moneypenny.

The deal that’s a steal…

Shopping for a spring wardrobe? 

ASOS* is currently offering 20% off everything, including sale items, which could mean some meaty savings.

To get the discount, you have to use the code HELLO20 at check out.

And an actual freebie…

This one is for sports fans.

Adidas are looking for testers for a range of new products – you can sign up here

The setup is a little unusual in that after the two to four-week trial period, you have to send back the products to be evaluated.

It means that while you’ll get to enjoy some new gear for a while, you don’t get to keep it.

If you’re looking for testing opportunities that will let you keep the products at the end, here are some product testing alternatives.

If you only do one thing…

Check your pension statement – because you could be charged unexpected fees like this man.

After using a financial advisor to set up a pension more than a decade ago, he only realised as he approached retirement that he was being charged £60 a month for not very much advice.

His situation was a little unusual, as he was affected by a change in legislation.

Still, it serves as a reminder to regularly check your financial statements.