Tesco Express

What to read right now…

Several streaming sites, including Netflix and Disney+, have been making fee increases in recent months – which makes it a good time to resurface this piece on where to watch TV and films for free.

Tesco is overhauling the product range in its Express stores to make them cheaper

Must say, it’s significantly cheaper for me to get my groceries delivered than it is to go to my local Tesco – even after factoring in delivery fees – so this is welcome news.

Mortgage rates are finally starting to come down despite the Bank of England raising the Bank Rate to 5.25%.

I love the idea that this businessman is giving back by giving other entrepreneurs a helping hand.

Coupled with this piece, there’s real evidence of it working and building a community as an added bonus.

The deal that’s a steal…

Homebase* is currently having a big summer sale with up to 50% off outdoor furnishings.

That includes everything from barbecues and sun loungers to hot tubs and lighting.

This summer hasn’t been ideal for enjoying the garden but it’s a good opportunity to stock up for future years.

If you only do one thing…

Check your student loan balance – you can do it on the gov.uk website here.

Because student loans are considered a good debt, they don’t impact your credit score

And as the repayment is automatically deducted from your salary once you earn over a certain threshold, it’s easy to forget they exist.

The thing is, interest rates are now pretty high, and increases by the Bank of England are automatically applied, unlike high street banks that seem to be forever offering low interest rates.

So while it might have been worthwhile letting that debt accrue in the past, it might work in your favour now to pay it off early, especially if your balance is small enough to pay off in one go.

Think of it this way: the quicker you pay it off, the more money you’ll have in your monthly salary.

And the debt interest you accrue is probably more than what you’ll get from any savings account.

Of course, it’s only worth doing if you can afford to – and that’s why it’s worth checking your balance.