How coronavirus has impacted different industries

The Office for National Statistics’ (ONS) latest article on which industries have recovered and which haven’t makes an interesting read, especially if you’re hunting for jobs or make investments.

It highlights the fact that the hospitality industry recorded almost no output in April and May, which is of course the result of the lockdown.

While some of these businesses have returned, the sector as a whole is still significantly smaller compared to February.

For the service industry, it adds: “At this stage, it is difficult to separate temporary losses of output, brought about by coronavirus restrictions, from longer term behavioural changes that could affect industries for years to come.”

In effect, some of those sectors may never recover because our habits have changed.

In contrast, “industries such as information and communication, where staff could largely work from home, saw little change compared with February” according to the ONS.

The sector that’s been consistently performing above average (and growing)? Dispensing chemists.

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