Coin pot

Some respite for self-employed workers this week after Rishi Sunak announced an extension to the self-employment income support scheme (SEISS).

Applications will reopen in August, with a one-off grant of up to £6,570 available for each person who qualifies.

Meanwhile, the furlough scheme will continue as before until the end of July.

However, companies now have the option to bring back staff part-time from the beginning of July – they will need to pay days worked in full if they do so, with the government topping up the rest.

Otherwise the furloughed employee will continue to receive 80% salary. Employers will pay national insurance and pension contributions for August (amounting to around 5%), 10% of salary in September and 20% for October, with the government making up the balance during that time.

Neither SEISS nor the furlough scheme will be extended after that so it will be crunch time for many people.