Fraudsters are targeting home workers through a new BT Openreach scam according to the Chartered Trading Standards Institute (CTSI).

The scam involves someone claiming to be working for BT Openreach calling people to tell them there’s an issue with their internet connection.

In order to perform tests to resolve the issue, they say they need access to your computer.

As part of this, you have to download an application called Teamviewer, which allows someone else remote access to your computer.

Through this access, scammers can then gain personal details stored on your device, including usernames and passwords as well as financial information.

The CTSI said it has already seen two people targeted through this scam this month and warned that BT aren’t the only internet provider likely to be used to target victims.

You can report scams like these to Action Fraud.

And if you’ve fallen victim, having a crime reference number means you can begin to reclaim any losses.