Last year, I wrote about window shopping for property.

Like everyone else after three lockdowns, I was thinking about moving out to somewhere bigger for my next home.

Somewhere with a garden so I can have barbecues and ideally somewhere where I could go paddleboarding easily.

But after Storm Eunice, I can’t help but think how perfect flats are.

There are no broken fences to fix, and any damage to the building would be covered by insurance or the communal sink fund. 

For bigger blocks, it’ll also be someone else’s job to deal with the logistics of the repair.

Flats are much cheaper to buy as well. And, if it’s a new build, they’re much cheaper to run – I haven’t used the heating once this winter, for example – provided management fees and ground rent are under control.

Then of course, there’s the added security that comes with an extra entrance, especially if you live higher up.

What do you think? Is it just a case of being used to one type of property over another?