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I tried to quit Netflix again

Last week, I let my Netflix subscription lapse.

Every now and then I would quit for a few months because I feel like everything on there is a bit samey, there’s too much gratuitously violent and salacious content and, well, I can watch all the same shows elsewhere.

Occasionally I’m also annoyed by the fact that a large body of work on there is preachy and box ticking without addressing any real issues – but that’s a whole separate thing.

The trigger this time was money: Netflix was putting up its prices and it seemed like a natural time to take a break.

Anyway, it’s high time I tested out some of the options for watching TV and films for free that I covered last month.

Turns out, there’s a big downside to those alternatives that wasn’t mentioned: most of them won’t allow you to watch their content outside of the UK and that’s exactly what I needed when I tried to tune in from Finland.

I could possibly have circumvented the issue by getting a VPN, but that comes with its own set of problems including having to pay the equivalent of a Netflix subscription, or having to rely on what might be a very unreliable free alternative (due to ads, spam, slow connection etc).

So after probably all of five minutes, I signed up again in what was my shortest attempt at quitting Netflix.

Got a similar experience with failure to quit?

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