Savings jar

What to read right now…

Electric cars are a poor investment, at least if you plan to resell yours.

Apparently 90% of people are not saving enough for retirement

Which makes this a good time to resurface my guide to picking out pensions when you’re self employed, and my thoughts on my own retirement plan.

An ex-Bank of England economist reckons inflation will fall soon, and fast.

Meanwhile, a current Bank of England economist says that Brits are going to be poorer and we should just accept it. 

The deal that’s a steal…

Got an active break booked? Lots of outdoors brands are having sales right now, which could be a good time to stock up on clothes and outdoor gear.

Here are a few I’ve spotted:

If you only do one thing…

Check your student loan balance.

New figures show that a record £4.8billion in interest was added to student loans last year, which is quite frankly staggering.

Obviously high inflation since Covid had a lot to do with it, but the cost of higher education isn’t exactly cheap these days.

Student loans do get written off if you never quite make enough money, and thank goodness for that.

But nevertheless it’s worth checking your loan balance to make sure any contributions you do make are credited correctly and that there are no unexpected bumps to your balance.