Smart meter

What to read right now…

Prices at top UK restaurants have gone through the roof – since Brexit apparently – and that’s before you apply drinks and service.

There are lots of fake Black Friday deals around, which makes this a pretty good time to tot out last year’s post on how to make the most of the sales.

Air fryers are probably not going to save you as much energy as you might think

Turns out, smart thermometers won’t always save you money either. 

To be fair, the same can be said for most energy saving hacks.

The deal that’s a steal…

NatWest and RBS’s Digital Regular Saver will pay interest rates of 5% AER on balances of up to £5,000 from 6 December, which makes now a great time to open an account if you haven’t already.

These savings accounts are instant access and have been on the Money Talk Best Buy list for a while as they consistently offer some of the highest interest rates around.

However, up to now, there was a cap of £1,000 on the higher interest rate – anything over this is paid at a lower rate.

You can save up to £150 a month, which is a pretty decent amount.

And an actual freebie…

It’s almost that time of the year again. 

If you have kids, Royal Mail has a free “letters from Santa” service – basically you get your kids to write in and he will write them back.

The deadline is 9 December but given there’s a strike next weekend, you might want to get your post out as early as possible.

If you only do one thing…

Check whether your energy provider offers the Demand Flexibility Service

This is basically the National Grid’s scheme to get people to use less energy during peak times to help with energy supply.

You’ll need a working smart metre to take part but you’ll get money back on your energy bill if you reduce your energy use at specific times.

The current providers list can be found here.

British Gas, Eon and Octopus are among the firms that are planning to sign up.

The scheme is only running until March next year though.