What to read right now…

As it’s January, let’s kick off with the five money tasks you should tick off this month.

If you’re booking a holiday right now, know that some all inclusive holidays are not quite as all inclusive as you might think.

A heads up if you sell stuff on eBay, Etsy or Vinted, or use Airbnb to rent out your home – these sites will now automatically report your earnings to HMRC.

Because of course, you have to pay taxes if you make over £1,000 on your side hustles.

This Guardian investigation into HyperVerse, a collapsed crypto fund, makes a particularly disturbing read.

Finally, need some money saving inspiration? Be Clever With Your Cash has a great list of money challenges to try.

The deal that’s a steal…

Heading for the slopes this winter?

Tog24* has a sale on their ski gear and outfits, with an extra 15% discount on some sale items.

It’s definitely not as affordable as, say, Decathlon but they offer great quality.

I’m not a skier myself but I love their hoodies and coats, which are some of the warmest things I own.

If you only do one thing…

A bit of self promotion this week: Money Talk has a new discount codes and offers section.

It’s certainly not every retailer under the sun but there are some big names in there and will be updated with semi-regularity.

Check it out and bookmark it.