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The chances of winning on Premium Bonds may have increased recently but it seems more than half of bond holders haven’t won anything since 2004.

This is an innovative way to tackle the rise in shoplifting: Waitrose is offering police officers free coffees.

The rich are getting poorer in the first fall in global wealth since 2008.

It’s now cheaper to rent than having a mortgage if you’re a first time buyer. But it’s worth bearing in mind that mortgage rates vary significantly depending on its loan to value (LTV) ratio so if you have a bigger deposit, it could still be cheaper.

Finally, meet the people who are unretiring.

The deal that’s a steal…

It’s the bank holiday weekend, which means another round of sales.

Among the brands offering special discounts are:

If you only do one thing…

Review your energy tariff.

Energy prices are finally starting to come down, with the energy price cap predicted to drop again in October.

It means for the first time in a while, fixed rate tariffs are starting to come back.

They’re certainly worth considering, but even industry regulator Ofgem has warned that fixing might not be the right move for everyone.

More generally though, it’s worth having a look at whether the tariff you’re on is still the best one for you even if you are on a flexible one.

There may be cheaper options that aren’t automatically offered to you.