Holidays are finally back on the agenda but judging by a straw poll I conducted on Twitter, most people aren’t thinking about jumping on a plane just yet.

I’m sure that will change in the coming months as lockdown restrictions continue to ease and our attitudes follow.

However, face masks and alcohol gels aren’t the only protection you’ll need – you should also consider whether you have adequate travel insurance.

Many insurance firms withdrew their travel products when lockdowns kicked in around the world. But even with restrictions lifting, they are not exactly rushing to cover the risks of travelling. In fact, most still don’t.

Even if you have existing travel insurance, don’t expect it to cover everything. Some insurers will only cover existing bookings and not new ones. So make sure you read and understand the small print.

Another thing to consider is holiday refunds – does the travel firm you’re booking with have a robust policy in place to address this in case there are any cancellations?

As we’ve seen since the beginning of the pandemic, many who had holidays booked were forced to take refund credit notes or vouchers rather than cash – that is, if they managed to get a refund at all.

The Competition and Markets Authority has a detailed guideline around what your rights are if you do need to claim a refund due to cancellations.