Money Talk is back after a summer hiatus. Here’s what that’s about.

What to read right now…

A longer holiday might actually work out cheaper – just as well because the price of package holidays has gone up, up, up.

If you are going away this summer, may I present to you this guide to the best credit and debit cards for travelling, and this useful list of travel-friendly sims.

It’s been months but it seems that UK watchdogs are finally doing something about the “greedflation” we’re currently experiencing.

Telecoms – that’s mobile and broadband – are among the culprits.

This is a fun one: the inflationary power of stardom.

The deal that’s a steal…

Tis the season for summer sales. Not all discounts are made equal though, so do make sure you shop around.

Meanwhile, here are a few places where the discount has already hit 50% off (and that I shop from).

  • Great lipsticks from Illamasqua* – up to 70% off
  • A bit of everything from John Lewis* – up to 60% off
  • Small kitchen appliances from Robert Dyas* – up to 60% off
  • Outdoor gear from Blacks* – up to 50% off
  • Hoodies (and coats!) from Tog24* – up to 50% off
  • Dresses and tops from Phase Eight* – up to 50% off
  • Underwear and socks from M&S* – up to 50% off

And an actual freebie…

The London Mint Office is giving away free commemorative coins* celebrating the coronation of King Charls III.

You have to pay £2.50 postage so not completely free, as it were.

But it is legal tender, to the value of half a crown, which makes it rather hard to spend.

On the other hand, just 500,000 have been produced so there’s a chance it could go up in value.

If you only do one thing…

Review your savings, again.

Last week the Bank of England put up the Bank Rate to 5% – the highest it’s been since the heady days of 2008 – and lots of high street and online banks have followed suit.

The amount they’ve put their rates up by has varied though, which is why it’s worth a review if you haven’t already.
I’ve picked out some of my favourites here, but it doesn’t mean there aren’t better rates around.